Image and cinema activities in the Erasmus Club

The college des 16 Fontaines abounds in photographers and in budding cameramen, for you to prove this let me share our experience through these few lines!

To be able to create our e-book we had to take photos in St Zacharie with certain places symbolizing the city (fountains, city hall, post office ...). During this exit we split in several groups, every group had its theme of photos to be taken, we were able to take the photos we wanted and we have learnt a little more how to take a beautiful photo, the importance of the framing, and our numerous ideas were for something there. During the next session we brought our work to review it with the other groups.

Our teachers went to Italy and when they returned, they shared with us the knowledge which they had acquired during the training with an Italian film director. We viewed the slide show on the framing, the plans and all which concerns the structure of the image in the cinema. It allowed us to think about how and where we wanted to film our video of one minute the following week in St Zacharie.

The day of our small shooting, we imagined playlets, caused the actions but we also let the fate do so that something takes place on the video. It was really enriching and funny! Once again we are grateful to our imagination for all the beautiful ideas that she supplied us with.

Thank you for having read my article !


Written by Eva DEVOS 3e3.